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How does the solution work?

Esker Accounts Payable solution seamlessly connects with standard scanner devices, completely automating vendor invoice processing. By transforming paper invoices into electronic documents you eliminate manual data entry, freeing up your staff from low value tasks and lowering costs of bill paying.

Locally or centrally received paper invoices are scanned and sent to Esker on Demand invoice services for processing. Batches of invoices can be handled using the solution's graphical tool. It is also possible to attach invoice supporting material (order, proof of delivery, mail...).

  • Open the batch preparation web application using a standard browser.
  • In just a few mouse clicks separate the file into individual invoices.
  • Each invoice is then processed and automatically routed to the appropriate group for verification.



Benefits of scanning invoices

Esker Accounts Payable solution can be centrally or locally deployed supporting companies that have shared services initiatives.


Unique functionalities, real results

Automated batch splitting

Scanned batches of invoices are received as one file that requires separating. Esker provides several solutions for this: automatic batch separator detection, new invoice start and end detection. And, because some batches may require special handling, Esker also provides a graphical interface that allows users to tag the different invoices in just a few mouse clicks.

  • 100% vendor invoice processing automation
  • No need to manually separate invoices
  • Expedite invoice sorting

Attach invoice supporting documents

The solution helps you keep vendor invoices and supporting documents such as orders, proof of delivery, mail, etc., in one place. This way they are easily retrieved when you need them for audit or other purposes.


  • Speed up payment approval workflows
  • Accelerate audit & control procedures